6 common causes of Constipation and its cure

Constipation is a problem of the digestion system. When your colon absorbs too much water from food due to slow muscle movement or other reasons, the food finds it difficult to move out of the body. The longer the food stays in the digestive tract, the more fluid is extracted from food by the colon. So, the feces become dry and hard. Defecation becomes very difficult. Constipation leads to a very uncomfortable situation and can cause stomach pain as well. Here are the common causes of constipation.

Having diet will less fiber

You must eat fibrous foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. These are healthy foods and are good for the body. It improves bowel movement and reduces the chance of constipation. If there is lack of fiber in your diet then you can have constipation.

Not doing exercise

This is a common cause of constipation for old aged people. These people don’t work much, so due to lack of physical inactivity, constipation occurs. You must do regular exercise as you grow older.

Change in your daily routine

We all have a daily routine. We wake up at a particular time in the morning and usually have our meals at the same times of the day. When we travel, this regular routine breaks. This has an effect on our digestive system and causes constipation.

Not visiting toilet on time

When you ignore the urge of bowel movement and prevent yourself from going to the toilet, the urge goes away slowly. So, the stool inside gets hard and dried up, causing constipation.

Not drinking enough water

You must drink lots of water every day. If you don’t drink more than 6 glasses of water daily, you will have a higher chance of having constipation. Soda and caffeinated drinks can cause dehydration and these must be avoided.

Colon problem

If there is a problem in the colon, like the presence of a tumor, then the passage of the food can be restricted. This can cause constipation. Narrowing of the rectum or colon can also cause constipation.

Certain lifestyle changes can relieve you from constipation. You should drink lots of water, eat fibrous food and do lots of exercises. Laxatives are very effective for constipation, but these must be used with care. For severe cases of constipation, you should visit a doctor to find out the underlying cause of constipation. You should take prescribed medicine in case of severe constipation. If you are pregnant you must be very careful. By knowing what causes constipation during pregnancy can help you prevent this condition.

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