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Surviving Workplace Wellness With Your Dignity, Finances and Major Organs Intact, a publication of the THCB Press, is the funniest healthcare book ever. It’s also the only book sure to save you from your employer’s workplace wellness vendor. They’ve been brought on board at your workplace to supposedly supply wellness. In fact, all they will do is poke, prod, and pry, all the while selling you and and your employer a bill of goods about the value and effectiveness of their brand of wellness. Don’t be fooled by people who know you as an IP address and not a person.

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) makes workplace wellness seem like the answer to the country’s medical cost control dilemma. It would be if you were praying for unncessary medical care, invasion of privacy, and medically inappropriate biometric testing. Don’t get sucker punched by the biggest delusion in Obamacare. Survive workplace wellness, with your dignity, finances and major organs intact! Click on the image to buy your copy of the Surviving Workplace Wellness today, as an e-book in the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. A print version is due out soon. Click on the cover image to buy it now at’s Kindle store.

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